Chloe Alice Gumbley


Chloe is a drummer based in Warwickshire, UK. While confident in many genres, Chloe specialises in pop, rock and funk. Chloe is available for live performance and/or studio recording in all genres of music.

Born in Birmingham, Chloe’s experience of being a drummer started at the age of eleven, now 26 she has substantial live and studio experience. With her unstoppable amount of energy, confidence and enjoyment on stage as well as her drumming techniques and knowledge, Chloe will deliver her best performance into everything, either that on stage or in the studio.

In August 2020, Chloe joined successful midlands function band, 'The Score'. Following success and enjoyment from previous function band, Strawberry Jam (2012-2018,) Chloe will bring her 'behind the kit' dance moves to 'The Score'!


In April 2019, Chloe went on a 11-day UK tour with Aiden Hatfield. Aiden has made a name for himself by running the clothing brand 'In Music We Trust.' 50% of the profits go to the 'Mind Charity' helping those with mental health issues. Aiden's EP is available to listen to NOW on all music steaming platforms!

Chloe worked with Ellen Louise, on both her album in February 2018 and her EP in July 2018. (session work)

In 2018, Chloe was the drummer of original band, Concrete Giants, which she used for her 3rd year recital at university. You can listen to their album on the music section of this website. (original band)

In 2017/18, Chloe was part of original band Roof, who gigged around Leeds and recorded a hand full of their songs in the studio which you can listen to on this website. (original band)

Also in 2017/18, Chloe worked with Becky Bowe, you may recognise Becky from BBC's 'Pitch Battle'. Becky's single 'That's How Love Works' is available to listen to on all music streaming platforms. (session work)


Another artist Chloe worked with in 2017 was Lauren Rycroft, who is making a name for herself around the North of England gigging with her latest EP, Tide of the Mind(session work)


In 2016 Chloe worked with Joanna Taylor on the track 'Safe Spot' from her EP, 'For You.' Chloe worked with Joanna again as well as her co-writer Darius Kiani on their album in 2017. (session work)

Chloe has experience working in a 'pit' when she performed songs from Grease and Wicked on a production in 2014, Musicals Rock III. (session work)

In 2014 Chloe worked with Suburban Doll who were invited to play on a internet streamed live concert. (YouTube link -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd7SY6VH1bU, Suburban Doll perform at 1 hour 15 minutes.) (session work)

In 2014, Chloe worked with Blacksmith Lane, who toured across the UK on a 4-day, with Suburban Doll. (original band)


Chloe graduated from Leeds College of Music in 2018, achieving a BA Honours Degree in Popular Music Performance with a high 2:1. Chloe achieved her grade 5 in Music Theory, and after many years of lessons with local Birmingham teacher, Simon Lewis, Chloe achieved her RockSchool Grade 6 in Drums before the age of 18. Chloe also studied for 2 years at Stratford-Upon-Avon College graduating with a distinction in Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Performance (2012-2014).

Chloe’s mentor at Leeds College of Music, Nick Katuszonek (Metropolis,Ah-a Project, The Smiths Experience, Christophe de Bezanec) says; “Chloe has a great feel on the instrument, she grooves well and is confident expressing her ideas in various contemporary settings. Her timing is solid and she is confident working both with and without a click track”.

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Whether it’s recording or performing Chloe brings great drive, enthusiasm and creativity to everything she does.