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Chloe was a pleasure to work with! Very organised and professional. She is very friendly, hard working and open to trying out new ideas. I have hired her for many recording sessions and live performances and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for top class musician!

- Ellen Louise, UK


Chloe was so great to work with. Her level of professionalism and musicianship within a band is exactly what people need. Always reliable and a great drummer to sing alongside.

- Becky  Bowe, UK


Chloe is so lovely to work with! She brings great energy to the band and is always coming up with new ideas. A very reliable drummer with a lot of skill!’

- Fay Donaldson, UK


It’s always fun working with Chloe! She brings great energy and ideas to both rehearsals and gigs, ultimately inspiring other band members to perform to their best.

- Lewis Downs, UK


Chloe is easy to work with and powers through everything we asked of her, i would recommend her to anyone.

- Ruby Pobgee, UK


It was a pleasure working with Chloe as a session musician. She was always prepared for rehearsals and it was clear that she had worked on material in her own time. She always had a professional attitude and helped live shows run smoothly.

- Lauren Rycroft, UK


It's always great working with such a brilliant drummer. Chloe has the ability and charisma to capture everyone's attention, not just lovely technique but she is also a wonderful person to work with. Would highly recommend her to anyone!

-Charlotte Mote, UK


It was apparent from the off that Chloe was going to bring something new and fresh to the band when she joined us. Happy to take direction but also willing to contribute ideas at practice, Chloe always comes well prepared to rehearsal and really excels when playing live often stealing then show with her excellent technical skill and consistent performances.

-Andy Ravenhall, UK


Chloe has a great feel on the instrument, she grooves well and is confident expressing her ideas in various contemporary settings. Her timing is solid and she is confident working both with and without a click track.

-Chloe’s mentor at Leeds College of Music, Nick Katuszonek (Metropolis,Ah-a Project, The Smiths Experience, Christophe de Bezanec)

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